For owners

PV Polska is interested in cooperation with people who possess their own parcels and want to benefit from a renewable energy source which are photovoltaic farms. We are looking for land’s owners who meet the following criteria:

  •   Parcel’s size from 2 to 5 ha
  •   Areas where IV, V or VI class of land occurs
  •    Short distance from a medium voltage line
  •   Sun-drenched areas

In return for a lease, we offer an attractive rental fee. An additional advantage is the guarantee of stability – we sign an agreement for a period of 30 years, because that is the time of solar panels’ durability.

In case of any doubts, we provide free verification of parcel’s location. Our experts will answer all your questions and they will examine a possibility of investment execution.

Please direct your questions to the following representative:


Konrad Wiśniewski

tel. +48 606 41 62 55