The sun is a free source of energy available for everyone. In comparison to fossil fuels, the sun energy is clean, which means it doesn’t produce contamination that causes the greenhouse effect. A possibility to produce electricity for your own needs, independently from power distribution company, gives you the sense of security.

It should not be forgotten that according to the new bill about Renewable Energy Sources (RES) from 09.10.2012, energy production in micro-and small grids would be guaranteed to buy energy by fixed, preferential tariffs. When it comes to large PV farms, they would be supported by Green Certificates system.

Photovoltaics is the one of the most developing branch in energy industry.

Advantages of photovoltaics:

  •     Totally maintenance – free system – no mobile parts, usage of semiconductors and simplicity of the system make it ready to work at low costs and with no need to supervise it.
  •     Sustainable growth –  micro-grids, ie. Installations built in places of energy consumption (the so-called prosumer grids), provide a sustainable growth thanks to multiple factors.  Above all, they support energy consumption in the place of production, what reduces transmission losses. Secondly, they give rural areas an opportunity to develop, because, after all, the Sun shines everywhere. Thirdly, they encourage people to use energy more sensible and to save it.
  •     Financial benefits –  dynamic development of PV technologies in European Union could be possible by efficiently working support system (Feed-in tariffs). In 2011, the power of new grid connection amounted to 21 GW.  In Poland,  the introduction of FIT system, especially in the way proposed in the bill on Renewable Energy Sources, will definitely  cause a dynamic development of the PV industry in our country.
  •       The future of energetics – photovoltaic cells are silicon wafers, which subject to so-called Moore’s law. They are the same as in the case of PC processors. This is one of the fastest growing industry, which has great prospects for the future but also 50 years of experience. The first photovoltaic cell was manufactured by SHARP company more than 50 years and so far, there has been a real technological breakthrough.
  •       Energy efficiency –  it means that the energy production cost would be lower in case of using photovoltaics, and it would be even falling more, because of increasing its efficiency and improving the production process.  According to analysis, in 2020 the PV energy production cost will be at the same level as the production cost of energy that comes from a traditional source. (such a situation has already occurred in Mediterranean countries).

Using the power of the sun is a great way to raise your capital and to invest in the future

Even now you can change your roof into a solar plant

Even now you can save money on your electricity bills